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Library advocacy is crucial to keeping libraries just like ours open for the community.  We encourage everyone to speak up for libraries in your homes, school, communities, and more.  Reach out to House and State Representatives to let them know how much you care about your library.  Libraries provide unlimited access to information, technology, resources, programming, and materials, and it is essential for our leaders to know that they are a vital part of our society.  Our aims to meet the changing needs of the community by providing services and materials to all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles mirrors the commitment libraries across the country have in serving all people who come through library doors. 


Our library strives to offer a wide variety of materials and services to the public, including books, audio books, DVDs, CDs, eReaders, computers and Internet access, free WiFi, and programs for all ages.  We also offer free electronic resources, job searching assistance, and information for growing families.   The library also partners with PA Forward, a Pennsylvania Library organization that provides information on basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy.  Our goal is to provide our patrons with the best and most accurate information along with essential 21st century skills to meet the needs and challenges of a growing world.


Contact your representatives and let them know that libraries are important to you!

Learn to be a Library Advocate, from the Pennsylvania Library Association.


Here are a list of websites and resources to help you support your library:



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